Unlearning Comes Before Understanding

Putting old reasoning aside and replacing it with a new perspective...

As life long learners this is a simple and very powerful practice.

This gives us a tactical advantage too forward sustainable solutions.

- Unlearning comes before understanding

- Replace the old dissatisfying cycle with what you love

- Create and live the life you really envision

Here is a simple 4 step process for making that happen:

1. Rejuvenate: With an integrated body, mind and soul approach

2. Discover: Yo…

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Taking Your Time & Peace Of Mind Back

Today I wanted to ask you a question.

Who's interested in creating a new life phase free from the stress, dissatisfying cycles, migraines and head aches?

Most people would say, "Yeah! Absolutely! Me!"

It's essential to understand what is behind this question, though.

The real currency of the 21st century is not money. It's the time and freedom to have the quality of work-life balance you envision.

People aren't rushing to be the next millionaire or bill…

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Soul-Preneurs Are Better Together

We Are Better Together

"Creating Sustainable Solutions"

We do not have to go it alone. 

The deeper we connect with our un-tapped potential...

The greater our gifts and contribution become.

Love is the infinite energy we emanated from.

We are part of it...

Learning how to remember and awaken our awareness,

To this love energy is our function and purpose.

Choosing love is happiness and choosing fear is suffering...

We are expert at turning fear and darkness into love and light.

At The…

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You Are Pure Quantum Energy

We Are Better Together Than Alone

You Are Pure Quantum Energy

There Is A Benevolent Force In The Universe

That Force is Love

We Are Part Of It

You Belong To It

Gaining Deeper Awareness To This Is Our Function

As We Open Ourselves Up To Our Capabilities And Potential

Everything In our Lives Expands And Blooms Like A Flower

Are You Ready For An Enhanced Love Connection With Yourself?

If So Our Online Course "Love Energy Healing" Is Just Right For You

Click This Link To Register Or, If…

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We Are Better Together "Creating Sustainable Solutions"


If you've been too concerned about your past to enjoy your life in the present, I've got great news for you!

Give yourself permission to do what you love, so you will love what you do.

I'm excited to announce the release of our new online course LOVE ENERGY HEALING

The course features a fully integrated body, mind and soul approach that is life changing.

The course is specifically designed to help you find and use new tools for building confidence, energy elevation

and techniques to …

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We Are Either Struggling With Corona Change Or Thriving From It...


Creating Opportunity From Chaos

If you are thriving from the events of the last year then you have created opportunity from change.

This really is the path forward and a skillset to develop and apply consistently in life.

It is applicable to all areas of our lives and learning how to fully integrate these skill sets is priceless.

Here are the top 5 areas for building this foundation in an integrated body, mind and soul way.

- Rejuvenate Yourself First By:

1) Proper Nutrition Intuiti…

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What Are You Doing To Create The Life Of Your Dreams?



What risks are you willing and prepared to take?

What leaps of faith will you make today?

What old stories and behaviors will you let go of and release?

What new habits will you start?

What commitments will you make with yourself and what actions will you take to have accountability?

If you haven’t gotten clear on your goals yet?

Or, if you know what you want but aren’t sure how to make it all happen...

Then, these questions migh…

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Freedom Won't Happen Without Taking Action

Freedom Won’t Happen Without Taking Action

Balance and alignment won’t just magically appear in your life.

And your purpose won’t strike you like a bolt of lightning from out of nowhere.

You’ve got to really want them and strive for them.

You’ve got to do the deep work necessary to understand what your purpose or reason for being really is. 

You have to strike a work-life balance that allows you to create your purpose with satisfaction in the world.

And you have…

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There Is Nothing To Fear

What Is Fear?

Here are 5 of my definitions, what are some of yours?

- It is a type of love that lacks compassion, peace and joy which embraces the illusion...

- It is a type of lower frequency love which is without confidence or forgiveness.

- It is a type of reaction based on past triggers, traumas or judgmental perspectives.

- It is a type of feeling about not being enough.

- It is an emotion in the absence of gratitude and acceptance.

Whatever fear is for you, it is some type of a lo…

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How To Re-Enforce Your Foundation

Fully Integrated Solutions Produce Fully Integrated Results

Partial Solutions Produce Partial Results...

When we practice our fundamentals consistently everything shifts in our favor.

Fully integrated solutions have a Body - Mind & Soul approach.

Here are the top five areas for enhancing your foundation:

- Proper Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

- Consistent Movement & Exercise

- Quality Sleep Cycles

- Detoxify Your Life

- Energy Elevation Techniques & Your Mind Set Practice

This i…

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