Being Released From The Fear Of Misconception

Sometimes we believe things and create suffering in our lives

even when those things we believe are not accurate or true.

This happens all the time when we worry about things that

never come to pass. We have all laid awake in bed at night

over thinking about a perceived problem that was not a problem

at all... Then when we realize all the heart ache we put ourselves

through for no good reason it can be very frustrating. Not to 

mention stressful and while robbing your quality of life. S…

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When What You Are Doing Isn't Working

Now What? How to achieve the health and wellness you really envision for yourself...

Since the partial solutions you have been using are not creating the outcome you wanted...

Where do you turn to for the outcome you really want?

Partial solutions only produce partial results, simple enough, right?

Fully Integrated solutions produce fully integrated results. This is what you have been missing.

The question is are you ready to commit and do what it takes to produce the outcome yo…

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Feel Better Without The Migraines & Head Aches

We love helping clients reduce and then eliminate their Head Aches or Migraines!


Here are the five keys we focus on at "Immersion Week" for those with Head Aches or


- Cranial Ice Treatments

- Re-frame Conversation Technique

- Trigger Point Release

- Yoga Release Points

- Full Body / Mind / Soul Reset

We will be addressing the cause and relieving the symptoms for these debilitating pains.

The relief of finally being able to sleep…

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The Art Of The Pause

The Pause Is A Filter We Can Use To Avoid Unnecessary Reactions With.

The next time you are triggered, pause, and catch your self before reacting.

Before you speak ask yourself:

- Is it true

- Is it necessary

- Is it kind

Then create a response that is a creative solution which is true, necessary

and kind. Otherwise, it is better to remain in the quiet of the pause without

speaking until your response passes the filter...

This one habit is life changing:) Test it out this week and let…

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Deepening Your Skill At Having Others Feel The Love

We Are All Part Of A Bigger Team A Bigger Purpose...

You are part of the team!

There was a time when I fell off the team and thought I had to go it alone... Finding my

way home to community and being part of again, was key to the quality of life I have today.

I had isolated myself and thought I could do it alone. I was mistaken, and the price I paid

was high. The cost was fear, anger and thinking I was right, that I had to police the world.

Learning to let go and having a simple process …

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Creating Sustainability In Challenging Times

"Creating Sustainability In An Un-Sustainable World"

This is one of our main Missions at The Costa Rica Wellness Institute. 

It really is about creating Peace Of Mind for yourself, with your family and in your business.
And then spreading the circle as far as you can imagine... What a nice world we have:)

Are You Ready For That? Then...

- Demonstrate Love
- Create Sustainability In Your Life
- Take Your Freedoms Back
- Live The Life You Really Envision

At t…

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Tapping Into Satisfaction & Joy


From Costa Rica With Love...

"Creating Sustainable Solutions Together"

Building the bridge to where you envision is the key!

Defining your specific vision vividly and in full detail.

- Self Love First

- Love With Another

- Love For Your Dream Project

- Love For The Planet

This Is Where Fulfillment, Satisfaction & Joy Live

Learning to love more and stress less is priceless.

Tapping Into Your Natural Energies Is Critical...

Let us help you form a more satisfying future together.

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Self Love As Your Foundation

Calmness Is Wisdom...

Having peace of mind creates clarity and joy.

Learning to let go and surrender into your natural energy is love...

This is what is possible for all of us and conversationally it is very simple.

Yet, it escapes most people the majority of the time, because it is not a priority.

To enjoy this type of simplicity which we all are innately part of requires presence.

As we learn our moods do not have to change based on others or outside situations.

Then our feelings and …

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Creating New Perspectives With Your Partner

A friend asked me yesterday, what is powerful coaching?

- It doesn't offer advice.
- Doesn't have all the answers.
- It doesn't think it knows best.
- It holds space for the client so they feel safe to share.
- It listens deeply for understanding more than it speaks.
- It shares insights so the client can see their own answers.

For Example...

- Coaching is very different to how most people think it is.
- Most people think coaching is more li…

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The Importance Of Decisive Action

Why Is The Costa Rica Wellness Institute for you? Why now?

We are all better together and no one has to go it alone. When we reach out we learn more about ourselves faster and things that others are doing well which we have not yet implemented into our lives. Fully integrated processes create fully integrated results. Partial processes create partial results. It’s time to implement fully integrated solutions now. I'd like to better understand your transition and goals so we can create the s…

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