What Are The Problems You Do Not See?

I was working with a client last week and her common story was one of blame and the lack of accountability.

She was expressing the victim perspective without knowing it, this is the problem we do not see.

After our conversation she was able to turn it all around for herself and see her part in the situation.

Imagine living in this way and not knowing the difference, what a large cost in the way of missed relationship.

That moment when we have the realization and the light comes on is emo…

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Stress And Overwhelm Are Ruining Your Health - Wellbeing And Happiness

Stress And Overwhelm Are Ruining Your Health - Wellbeing And Happiness

When we let stress and overwhelm persist for to long they begin to ruin our health,

well-being and happiness.

Here are four top examples of how they show up:

- Lowering your Immune System

- Lowering your Natural Energy

- Increase in your Weight

- Increasing Inflammation and your risk of disease

(Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia and many others)

Yet, you tolerate it for far too long!

How can you allow th…

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Love Dissolves The Fear Which Produces The Chaos

Masks Sanitizers & Distancing Oh My!

It's enough to make a lot of people crazy with fear.

As if the isolation and the commentary in the media are not enough.

At the "Costa Rica Wellness Institute" ...

We know what you are struggling with and we can help you get out of it.

- Are you over thinking things?

- Worried about the weight you have gained in the last year?

- Stressed out about your disrupted routines and how life was before?

- Really missing travel and the freedom you had be…

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There Is No Limit To What You Are

We get to choose every day moment by moment.

If you are a bit Overwhelmed by the pandemic, stresses and fear narrative...

Maybe you are even experiencing:

- Fear about uncertainty

- Not feeling well from the weight you have gained

- Stressed about what is next, and how long this can go on

- Feeling lonely from the isolation and lost routines

These are just life phase and will not last for ever!

We get to choose suffering or greatness... Really:)

This is our opportunity for great…

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Overcoming Corona Isolation And Stress

Being Ready For A Change And Making It All Happen...

Imagine feeling so burnt out, frustrated and exhausted by your lack of Work - Life Balance that you’re ready to give it all up.

That’s just how many of our clients felt as professionals in transition. That was before they began their journeys into
"Fully Integrated Health & Wellness".

Learning how to begin practicing this in your own life is a game changer.

When we are trying so hard to heal but getting stuck, thin…

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Why Haven't You Started Living The Life You Envision Yet?

Why Haven't You Started Living The Life You Envision Yet?
We all have excuses, it is part of being human:)
Here are some examples:

- Complications from Corona times...
- Fear of travel
- Anxiety and stress
- Not knowing how to get started
- Not having a clear plan...

If we are to live out dreams we must get real clear, and the more specific the better on what we really want to Be - Do - & - Have!
There are two types of people in this example:

- Indecis…

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