"The Ready To Process" Works 

Living the life you really want to live is the dream. Let us help you Rejuvenate, Discover, Design and then Implement yours!

Perspective Is King

When we learn how to cross our consciousness gap into our gifts everything opens up.

"Life By Design"

This e-book focuses on delivering the goods. The practical steps are actionable and life changing.

Useful Life Tools!

The e-book comes with the contact info. for all the resources you need to go deeper with this work.


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Jumping Off The Edge Responsibly / #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Transformations! The Best Is Yet To Come...

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “When you do what you love you will love what you do:)"

    Vletas' love of nature and humanity invites us to live more ...

    With echoes of Thoreau and Muir, Mr. Vletas' love of nature
    and humanity invites us to live more authentic lives and reject the
    "North American default"-the well-worn paths of mindless material
    acquisition and shallow relationships. He is a contemporary Joseph Campbell, encouraging us to seek our own bliss and showing us the way with practical advice.”

    CEO Master Wellness YMCA

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “David helped me in a way and time that I never found in decades of therapy and phrmacutical medications perscribed by my doctors. Thank you for holding my hand"

    “I asked the leaf whether it was frightened because it was autumn & the other leaves were falling. The leaf told me, “No. During the whole spring & summer I was completely alive. I worked hard to help nourish the tree, & now much of me is in the tree. I am not limited by this form. I am also the whole tree, & when I go back to the soil, I will continue to nourish the tree. So I don’t worry at all. As I leave this branch & float to the ground, I will wave to the tree & tell her, ‘I will see you again very soon.’“…That day there was a wind blowing &, after a while, I saw the leaf leave the branch & float down to the soil, dancing joyfully, because as it floated it saw itself already there, in the tree. It was so happy. I bowed my head, knowing that I have a lot to learn from the leaf because it is not afraid – it knew nothing can be born & nothing can die." ”

    VP Morgan Stanley

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “A great method to move past the anxiety that indecision can cause in your life!

    Much of the anxiety that we cause ourselves can be alleviated by simply making a decision and taking action, and that simple philosophy is expressed here through a natural lens that makes so much sense.

    This book has been very helpful to me personally in dealing with some tough situations which I recently found myself in. There are many parts of David's methods that resonated with me, but the one I found most applicable to me was simply evaluating your situation, assessing your options, and making a decision to move forward!”

    Artist / Trans Visualist / Production