What You Envision
Into Your Life

What is

Love energy Healing?

It's A Fully Integrated Body / Mind / Soul Reset. When we elevate our lives in a fully Integrated way, we are tapping into the energy that makes life happen. We use a process called  "The Ready To Process" for taping into this energy. This process helps to create a more sustainable you; a version of yourself that can be maintained at an elevated level for the rest of your life! And guess what? An added benefit of creating a better, more balanced version of yourself, is the boosting effect it has on your Immune System, Health and Wellness.

Creating processes in your life are powerful! Do you want to see just how powerful? Watch this video to see how I've used 'The Ready Process' for myself, within my business, and to create the life I am living. I will look forward to helping you reset, and create whatever you envision and truly want.

Are you struggling with some of these?

- I don't have enough time (Mindset)

- I am not feeding myself right (Nutrition)

- I don't exercise enough (Environment)

- I do not sleep as well as I want (Stress)

- My energy is to low (Relationship / Finances)

We help you turn all of these around +++

Rejuvenate & Align Your Life

  • Enhance your relationship with yourself first!
  • Create a connection & belonging with nature
  • Fully tap into your capabilities & energy
  • Heal your body & mind connection
  • Sooth your heart & soul harmony
  • Reduce your stress & anxiety


Create sustainable habits in your life, you access your energy and skills in the face of your circumstances and challenges; making them into opportunities. What are your plans for real wellness & health in 2021? How are you going to create optimal satisfaction and performance for yourself, your family and in your business?

Wondering why your goals don't stick? You don't have a fully integrated process to follow that turns your goals into results. This is your practice.

Aligning your gift with your why in a focused and committed way is how to create lasting fulfillment. This is also how to optimize your contribution in the world. You might ask what is my why? We are going to begin exploring and discovering that together.


This elevates everything. This is life by design, and I'll show you how (BODY, MIND & SOUL).

In this 5 Day guided course, we'll walk through a proven process, "The Ready to Process" for transitioning to the life you really want to live!

Participating in this online course is the simplest way to begin, creating and having the quality of life you envision for yourself, your family, and in your business.

It is a digital world and you can do anything you commit to and live anywhere you desire.

What do I get with this course?


5 Day Guided Course

PLUS A Daily Zoom Conference with David

All The Course Content In The Member Area

We Will Be Meeting From 6:00 - 7:30 PM CST

A PDF Copy Of "Jumping Off The Edge Responsibly"

A One Hour Private Session To See What's Next?


Are You Ready?

When you are ready, everything opens up.

And now, you don't have to do it alone

Courses like this are valued at $1997

You're in luck! We are so committed to helping you live the life you want to live that we would like to offer you a special 75% discount!

This life-changing course is available for

only $497

We start Monday, but you can begin your transformative journey NOW!

The First Module will be released as soon as you register.


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  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “David helped me in a way and time that I never found in decades of therapy and pharmaceutical medications prescribed by my therapist and doctors.

    Thank you for holding my hand”

    Clicia 70592247_10219780861336998_815545011687915520_n

    VP Morgan Stanley, Wall Street, NY

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!
    “Vletas' love of nature and humanity invites us to live more ...
    With echoes of Thoreau and Muir, Mr. Vletas' love of nature
    and humanity invites us to live more authentic lives and reject the
    "North American default"-the well-worn paths of mindless material
    acquisition and shallow relationships. He is a contemporary Joseph Campbell, encouraging us to seek our own bliss and showing us the way with practical advice.”


    CEO, Master Wellness YMCA

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “A great method to move past the anxiety that indecision can cause in your life!
    Much of the anxiety that we cause ourselves can be alleviated by simply making a decision and taking action, and that simple philosophy is expressed here through a natural lens that makes so much sense.

    There are many parts of David's methods that resonated with me, but the one I found most applicable to me was simply evaluating your situation, assessing your options, and making a decision to move forward!”


    CEO & Investor, Trans Visualist Productions